Welcome to Debz_g's ickle site!

Oh do come in...Ooh yes feel free to have a look around...I've just put the kettle on! :-)

Hello Peeps!

Yep, this is my website! If you have been directed here, then you probably know that I am 21 years old and despite the fact that I have rather neglected the online thing recently, I am a huge Knightmare fan with a perchant for men in women's clothes!! ;-)
Well in reality all that really means is that I am a Rocky Horror Fan, although I am sure that shocked you for a moment there, didn't it? ...It didn't? Oh bugger! Anyway, if you haven't been directed here, and you sorta stumbled upon it by mistake, then please be advised that I take no responsibility for any side effects that you may encounter during your visit

-Blackouts, heart attacks, dizzy spells, temporary blindness, vomiting and the like, are not my fault and therefore, you visit at you're own risk!!

Enjoy your stay!!

So why do I have this site??

Once upon a time there were a couple of blank pages in this strange place that we call the internet...then one day I decided that I was bored and so I started filling my pages with some irrelevant rubbish, just incase there was anyone out there who was interested!!

This webspace before I got here (artist's impression!) -->