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Photo Gallery

Me and Hugo Myatt in 2001. He's not really that scary...honest!!

David Learner

This is David Learner at Framlingham Castle, taken in 2002.
David Learner as Pickle

And this is David as Pickle in Knightmare, taken sometime between 1990/91.

Me and David 2002

This is David and I, taken by his wife Jane after I interviewed him.
My Cousin Jason in 2002

My Cousin Jason aged around ten

Jason 2001

This was taken a year earlier when he was helping me out with some filming for my Knightmare project. He's sort of styled on Vivien from the Young Ones and he looks kinda cool!! :-D
Me and Michael Cule 2002

Michael and I, taken in the Punch and Judy Pub, Covent Garden 2002. He's a very big, booming, cider drinking actor type, very funny indeed!! And he's not ashamed of working with Michael Winner...well maybe a little ("Calm down dear!" *Groan*)!!